Ingredient highlight: Carrot

Ingredient highlight: Carrot

While it probably reminds you of being teased as a 'carrot top' in the school playground, there's a lot to be thankful for when using this popular root vegetable in your haircare routine.

It may not be used widely for this purpose, but we believe its benefits should not be ignored, particularly when it comes to red hair. Which, unsurprisingly, is why we use it in our Henna & Rose shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.



Stimulates natural sebum production for incredible shine

Giving your hair a healthy shine that isn't attributed to artificial silicones (read why silicone-free is the way to go) is sometimes tricky but carrot is one ingredient that can help to rebalance your scalp and hair's natural oil production. This allows your scalp to stay supple and moisturised while giving your ginger strands a gorgeous, multi-tonal, natural-looking shine.


Conditions the scalp to relieve dandruff and encourage softness and smoothness

By rebalancing your sebum levels, you can look forward to a reduction in dryness, and increase in softness and smoothness. Everything is linked, and having a healthier scalp leads to overall healthier hair.


Contains vitamins A, E and beta carotene for growth and strength

These vitamins are paramount in reducing shedding and improving strength in your strands. They help to encourage blood circulation to the scalp, which, in turn, helps to promote hair growth. See Leah's long red hair journey, below:



By harbouring carrot in your haircare you can help to give a healthier shine and much-needed moisture to thirsty red hair strands, which are more prone to fragility and dryness than other hair types. We just knew it was an ingredient that had to be included in our Henna & Rose shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.


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