Our commitment to low-carbon packaging

It’s important to us to be as sustainable as possible. That’s why our shampoo and conditioner bottles are made from biopolymer plastic – that’s sugarcane waste, not oil. No deforestation, no atmospheric CO2, lower greenhouse gas emissions – all resulting in a much reduced carbon footprint and a bottle that is easily recycled with your normal recyclable waste. Meanwhile, our hair mask jar base has been manufactured using 100% recycled plastic, and is also fully recyclable.

The lids of our bottles and jars are slightly different. Biopolymer plastic and recycled plastic for beauty products is still relatively young in its production and availability, so our lids are instead made of traditional oil-based plastic. We will continue to review this as more packaging options are released.

When we ship our hair products to you, they will arrive wrapped in recyclable wrap and recyclable mailing boxes.

So each part of our packaging fits back into the recycling chain, so we can all do our bit for the planet. ♡

Learn more about how we donate 1% of every sale to WWF via Work For Good