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Digital Gift Card

Digital Gift Card

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Recommended last order dates for Christmas 2023:

UK: 20 Dec (usually 2-3 days)
USA & Europe: 12 Dec (usually 5-10 days)
Canada: 10 Dec (tracked; usually 7-10 days)
AU & NZ: 7 Dec (tracked; usually 7-10 days)

Give the gift of Gingerful with our multi-value digital gift cards. Choosing from £10, £20, £30, £50 and £100 value, buying this gift card allows you to send your lucky recipient an email containing a personalised message plus unique code which can be subtracted from their order total at checkout.

Gift cards expire one year after purchase.

We’re proud that 1% of every sale will be donated to WWF UK via Work for Good


Are your products suitable for dyed/bleached hair?

Yes! Whether you’re a natural or dyed redhead, our products are suitable for either hair type. If your hair has been bleached, you’re also safe to use our products.

Certain hennas can be unsafe for use with bleached hair, but as Gingerful's henna ingredient does not contain additional metallic salts, you are safe to use with bleached hair.

How does henna work?

Henna has been used for centuries to dye hair different shades. The specific shade within our products is a red/ginger shade.

While researching our products we spent a long time getting the amount of henna just right. It is a specific amount that gently and gradually amplifies any existing warm, reddish shades found in your hair over time (natural or dyed), bringing out the vibrancy of colour, making it shinier and more gingerful.

It works on young or aging hair; as long as there are red tones within the strands, the henna can get to work on boosting the colour. If you have any fully white strands, the products are unlikely to affect the shade of those, as the henna only reacts with reddish tones found within the strands.

Will your products dye my hair?

Because the level of henna in our products isn't full strength, your hair won't be permanently dyed by using them. Any colour benefits achieved from using them will only be seen through continued use, so if you choose to stop using the products you'll see a gradual fade of the results back to your normal shade.

My hair is [strawberry blonde/ auburn/ dark red] – will your products work on my hair?

If your strands contain any reddish or warm pigments, Gingerful be able to should help to boost the vibrancy of those tones in keeping with your starting shade. The henna level in Gingerful is strong enough to boost the vibrancy of existing red tones, but not strong enough to add red tones where there are none already.

Do your products cover grey/white hairs?

Our products are designed to amplify any red tones found within a strand. For that reason, they are not designed to add red where there is none left, however you may be surprised as there may still be some red left in your hair, so the remaining pigments may gradually become more vibrant.

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