Hi, I'm Emma

Founder, Gingerful

From running redhead gatherings to campaigning for ginger emojis, my passion for all things redheaded is a true labour of ginger love.

  • After two years of love and development, Gingerful's first products, the now best-selling Henna & Rose shampoo and conditioner, launched in February 2020.

  • Frustrated at the lack of representation for redheads in the haircare aisle, I wanted something that worked authentically and gradually with ginger shades.

    More than anything, my pride for being a redhead took a long time to reveal itself, particularly as I struggled with it growing up, so the last thing I wanted to do is paint over it – I'm making up for lost time.

  • So, with my roots in running Ginger Parrot, Redhead Day UK events in London, plus launching a successful petition for ginger emojis, I felt headstrong in my mission to create hair products designed exactly for red hair's needs.

    My passion for spreading positivity around red hair has only increased over the years, and I want every redhead to feel empowered by what makes them stand out from the crowd.

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"Redheads shouldn’t have to fit in with whatever non-specialist products are out there. Instead, we should feel free to celebrate, accentuate and maximise our gingerness."

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Trusted by over 14,000 redheads

"Honestly the most amazing shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used. It’s awesome to use something that both helps my vibrancy of my natural hair and also helps with the health and shine of it as well."


Emily B.

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