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Are you a salon owner or stylist interested in using Gingerful's products on your redhead clients?

We have over 10,000 customers worldwide who trust Gingerful to care for and enhance their red hair. Whether natural or dyed, our products use carefully selected ingredients to gently and gradually boost vibrancy, smoothness and shine.

We can offer flexible options for using or selling Gingerful products at your salon – from discount prices and new product priority, to opportunities to collaborate on social media. Please contact us at to chat more.


Key facts

♡ Gingerful haircare brand created by redheads for redheads
♡ Henna-infused shampoo, conditioner and hair mask for redheads
♡ Natural ingredients to gradually enhance colour and condition of red hair
♡ Vegan and cruelty-free
♡ Sulfate-free, silicone-free and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner
♡ Bottles and hair mask jar base made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic

About Gingerful

As redheads, we know the frustration of finding hair products that work with and for red hair. Ginger hair is undoubtedly a specialist hair type – it’s more fragile and coarser than other hair types.

Created by redheads for redheads, Gingerful hair products are designed exactly for what red hair craves: enhancement, nourishment and protection. They use carefully selected ingredients to care for ginger hair, in ways that mainstream products don’t.

We believe that redheads shouldn’t have to fit in with whatever non-specialist products are out there. Instead, we should feel free to celebrate, accentuate and maximise our gingerness.

For natural and dyed hair

Our products also cater to those 'redheads by choice'. The small amount of henna in our products help to prolong any red shade achieved with dye.

As all stylists know, red is one of the hardest shades to achieve but also to maintain, so keeping a tiny top-up with the small amount of henna will help clients have an added pep in vibrancy. Not only this, but the lack of sulfates in our products will hold onto the red for longer.

What about bleached hair?

Stylists may be concerned about using Gingerful with bleached hair. However, the henna within our products do not contain any added metallic salts that may cause adverse effects, so your clients are safe to use Gingerful in conjunction with dyed red hair that has been or will be bleached.

  • Shampoo

    Our Henna & Rose Shampoo boasts the perfect level of natural henna to gradually amplify multi-tonal ginger shades over time, without permanently dyeing strands. Combine this with extract of carrot root for strength, a crush of ginger for anti-dryness, a sprinkle of lavender for moisture, hibiscus for extra nutrients, and a hint of rose for sweetness, and you’ve got yourself a luxury hair washing experience on your hands.

  • Conditioner

    Our Henna & Rose Conditioner is a henna-infused explosion of moisture. While henna amplifies pigments, a whole force of other ingredients come together to nourish red hair. Rose, carrot, aloe leaf, avocado, lavender, chamomile, ginger and hibiscus all contain vitamins and minerals essential for healthy red hair, using their natural properties to lock in smoothness, strength and shine.

  • Hair mask

    Our Henna & Rose Hair Mask is a luxurious remedy for your red hair, working to improve manageability, texture, dryness and shine while keeping strands feeling light, glossy and full of bounce. Its strand-saving ingredients have been specifically chosen to repair, enrich and protect delicate and fragile red hair strands, boosting overall softness and shine.

Our ingredients

Getting back to nature is the purest form of beauty. That’s why our products are crafted using heaps of natural ingredients. Each one has been carefully selected with red hair in mind, keeping locks vibrant, moisturised and gorgeous.

From boosting shine and colour to strengthening strands, read all about our ingredients.

Sulfate-free and silicone-free

As red hair strands are so delicate, we always knew that we didn't want any unnecessary chemicals included in our products, like sodium lauryl sulfate or silicones.

Our packaging

It’s important to us to be as sustainable as possible. That’s why our bottles and jars are made from 100% recycled plastic, meaning they are made by reusing single-use materials that would otherwise be disposed of in landfill sites. This is much better for the environment and is recyclable, too. No deforestation, no atmospheric CO2, lower greenhouse gas emissions – all resulting in a much reduced carbon footprint and a bottle and jar that can easily be recycled with your normal recyclable waste.

The lids of our bottles and jars are slightly different. Biopolymer and 100% recycled plastic for beauty products is still relatively young in its production and availability, so our lids are instead made of traditional oil-based plastic. We will continue to review this as more packaging options are released.

We'd love to work with salons and stylists who understand the importance of quality haircare and using ingredients that work with red hair, whether that's natural or dyed.

Why blend in when you were born to stand out?

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