How to protect red hair from pollution and environmental damage

How to protect red hair from pollution and environmental damage

Environmental damage is your red hair’s worst enemy. Fumes from cars, hot or cold temperatures and the beating sun can all affect your hair’s health at different times of the year. Not only that, but they can fade your natural red hair colour, cause breakage and trigger an unbearably itchy scalp, too.

Here's how to defend your red hair against external damage for vibrant and luscious locks.


Build-up is when grease, hair products, sweat, air contamination (like pollution) and dead skin cells collect on your scalp (lovely, we know). It creates a film on your scalp, blocking hair follicles over time. If you have too much, it’s hard for new hair growth to push through, and can cause havoc with your natural sebum (scalp oil) levels.


How to remove build-up (also known as 'clarifying')

If you want to get rid of build-up on your scalp, you should have a hair detox at least once a month. Depending on the types of products you use, you'll know that gritty, slightly sticky feeling of your scalp. Having a deep cleanse of your scalp will leave it fresh and rejuvenated. Here's how:

Double shampoo - Shampoo uses surfactants to break up dirt and lift grease caused by the environment. But cleansing once isn’t always enough. When you double shampoo, it thoroughly removes build-up for a fresh scalp and clean strands. For this you just need a shampoo that is good at loosening this dirt, like our Henna & Rose shampoo for red hair, which uses no sulfates so as to ensure your scalp isn't left too dry.

Massage your scalp - Using a scalp massager helps loosen dead skin so it washes out more easily when you jump in the shower.

Try a scalp exfoliator - Scalp exfoliators encourage cell turnover to detox your scalp skin.



The wind, rain, summer and winter all impact your red hair. So do outdoor fumes, indoor heating and air-con. It’s a minefield, but there is a simple way to minimise the damage.

Protective hairstyles prevent hair from tangling and reduce the surface area of your hair exposed to the elements. Here are a few great protective styles:

  • Classic braid
  • French braid
  • Dutch braid
  • Loose bun
  • Claw clip

When you’re using a protective style, make sure that it’s never pulling at your roots.



Sun seriously dries out your hair, evaporating moisture from your strands and leaving it lacklustre. But it’s not just the sun. Any harsh elements, such as a brisk wind, can whip away hydration, causing frizzy and parched locks. So, the secret weapon to replenish your lost moisture is a hydrating and nourishing hair mask.

Our Henna & Rose Hair Mask breathes life back into dull, flat red hair. It contains luxuriously moisturising ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera. These penetrate your strands for deep nourishment, smoothing your natural texture. The hair mask is also infused with henna, a natural red pigment to gently and gradually restore fading red hair for a multi-tonal shine.


Don’t let the elements stop you from having a good hair day every day. Clarify your hair to remove build-up, protect it with suitable hairstyles and deeply nourish your locks for a radiant shine.


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