Henna-infused vs colour depositing products: which is best for redheads?

Henna-infused vs colour depositing products: which is best for redheads?

When it comes to enhancing and maintaining red hair shades, two methods vie for attention: henna and colour-depositing products. While both claim to boost red hair shades, which one is best for redheads?



Henna is an ancient plant-based ingredient derived from the Lawsonia inermis plant, and has adorned ginger hair for centuries. Its appeal lies in its natural approach to hair colour enhancement, and here's why: 

  • Red henna, in its pure, raw form, is entirely natural and free from harsh chemicals, making it a gentle choice for red hair. Not only that, but it doubles as a nourishing hair treatment too, promoting strength, shine, and overall hair health. In its purest, strongest form, it is permanent, but harboured in the right way (like in Gingerful), the effects are not permanent. Read more about why henna is good for your hair
  • Through continued use, henna imparts a unique colour that evolves over time, making red hair more vibrant. The henna molecules do this by binding to the hair shaft, creating an authentic, truly natural-looking hue that works with any shade of red hair, from strawberry blonde to deep auburn.
  • One of the remarkable qualities of henna-based products like Gingerful is that they work harmoniously with your hair's natural shade, enhancing and enriching its red tones. The henna molecules bind to the hair shaft, creating a unique colour that evolves and deepens over time.
  • Unlike colour depositing alternatives that fade with each wash, henna-based products offer long-lasting results. The natural staining power of henna allows the colour to gradually fade over time, ensuring that your red hair retains its radiance for an extended period. 



In contrast to henna's organic appeal, colour-depositing products are largely temporary or semi-permanent, and they rely on synthetic pigments to temporarily coat the hair's surface. Essentially, like hair dye. Here's what you should know:

  • Colour-depositing products offer a quick, temporary fix to refresh red hair shades. Their effects wash out with each shampoo, and require frequent applications.
  • The ingredients in many colour-depositing hair products quite often contain chemicals that may cause sensitivity. Additionally, many on the mainstream market contain sulfates and silicones too, which we've often spoken against.
  • As colour-depositing products are like hair dye, the results of applying are usually not as natural-looking as incorporating henna. The results are likely to be more noticeable and superficial looking.

When it comes to celebrating the beauty of red hair, henna stands as an enduring and natural choice that redheads can trust. Granted, the idea of using pure henna on red hair can be daunting, but with Gingerful's infused formula, the effects are gradual, and if you choose to stop using it, the results soon fade back to your starting shade.

Henna's centuries-tested colour-boosting and nourishing properties are a perfect fit for redheads looking to maintain, boost and prolong their ginger hair shade, whether they're a natural or 'chosen' redhead.


Henna: the goddess of red hair colouring


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