Henna: the goddess of red hair colouring

Henna: the goddess of red hair colouring

The beauty world’s love affair with natural henna is centuries old, and for good reason. Not just useful for its ability to stain the skin, henna is also extremely effective for colouring hair.

There are different shades and types of henna, so while most people know about the darker shade for temporary tattoos, there are red hennas that are oh-so perfect for amplifying and dyeing ginger shades.



Henna is a plant that grows in hot, dry climates. For the purposes of beauty, the leaves of the henna plant are dried before being ground into a powder that can be mixed into a paste to dye skin and hair.

Being a plant, henna is all-natural, meaning there are no chemical nasties in there unlike many mainstream hair dyes, which often contain bleach or ammonia.

For either dyeing hair red or enhancing red hair shades, rouge hennas are used. And depending on the strength of the henna you’re using, the effects can be permanent. This will be the case when using pure henna on your hair.



Aside from its colouring techniques, there are also heaps of other benefits of using henna on your hair. For one, it strengthens your hair by two times, as the henna encases the root and locks in natural moisture in individual hair strands. Thickening and volumising also takes place, as henna helps to prevent hair loss, and even aids hair growth. Natural henna also contains anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities, helping to stave off any dandruff and sensitivity of the scalp.

And to top if off, when your henna hair dye shade fades over time, the natural make-up of henna means that you’re left with a more natural-looking faded colour, rather than the brassy shade that usually occurs with chemical dyes.



Not sure about the full-on commitment of using pure henna to enhance your red hair? Our Henna & Rose hair products for redheads contain the perfect level of henna to gradually amplify existing red shades in your hair without permanently dyeing strands. Any colour-boosting effects last for as long as you continue to use the products.


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Hello! I onlly ever want to use the Gingerful products from this point forward. They have made such a huge difference in my hair! And in only one month. I was curiose to know if the company will make any other hair products. I would love to know, because i would be all in!

michaela giles

Interesting question. Does the amount of gray seem to be spreading? Then maybe you want to try color or henna, but look at Bonnie Raitt. She has always had that pale lock in front and has let it go naturally, and it’s still stunning. I also am a redhead. I, too. Have a pale patch in front, although it is much smaller than Ms. Raitt’s. It is going white now (I’m 70) and I’m just letting it. I have a cowlick on one side of my bangs and that’s where the white is. I believe that is true of Bonnie Raitt, also. Thing is, at 84 I would be tempted to wait and see what happens. You may kind of like it! I’m looking into henna because I’ve lost about a third of my hair to illness. I don’t think I’m going to, though, I still like the color although it is not as bright as it once was. We’ll see! Whatever you choose, it’s your hair and your choice.

Pamela Shelburne

I’m a 84 bliue6 eyed redhead that has just start6 turning grey in front after a illness in 2020. From the crown my hair still has color darker than in my younger years. Trying to decide to just let nature take her course

Chadel lance

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