Why redheads should indulge in weekly hair mask treatments

Why redheads should indulge in weekly hair mask treatments

Because natural red hair is generally drier, coarser and more fragile than other hair shades, keeping it protected and looking luscious is of the utmost importance.

Indulging in a hair mask treatment once or twice a week is a good way to keep ginger hair soft, moisturised and shining brightly. This in turn works to improve the overall strength of strands and can also help to repair any damage caused by heat styling and pollution, meaning you can go longer between salon appointments.

Whether you use a hair mask as a pre-treatment before shampooing and conditioning, or as an in-shower remedy, masks are best applied to your hair for longer than a conditioner product, so that its enriching ingredients can penetrate strands more deeply.

Our new Henna & Rose hair mask contains those luxurious ingredients to pump and lock in moisture and protect red hair strands from damage and breakage. It’s a thick, buttery fix of shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil amongst other goodies, which are all excellent for softening and hydrating right down to the shaft of the strands, leading to stronger, glossier, more manageable red hair.


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