Why redheads should indulge in weekly hair mask treatments

Why redheads should indulge in weekly hair mask treatments

Because natural red hair is generally drier, coarser and more fragile than other hair shades, keeping it protected and looking luscious is of the utmost importance.


Indulging in a hair mask treatment is a good way to keep ginger hair soft, moisturised and shining brightly. This in turn works to improve the overall strength of strands and can also help to repair damage caused by heat styling and pollution, meaning you can go longer between salon appointments.



This can largely depend on your hair type. Generally, red hair can be quite coarse, so a hair mask treatment one in every four washes is a good place to start. This offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Adds hydration
  • Improves strength and texture of strands
  • Promotes softness and smoothness
  • Protects against further damage
  • Nourishes with intensive ingredients

If you have extremely dry, coarse or significantly damaged hair, you should consider applying your hair mask more frequently, possibly one in every two or three washes, and ensure your ingredients are deeply nourishing. Or, extend the length of application if needed.

A redhead with finer hair that can be prone to oiliness, should use a hair mask only once or twice a month, and apply only to the mid-lengths and tips of hair for slightly less time than the recommended amount. Of course, these timings and methods can be adjusted according to your red hair's needs – which can change from wash to wash, anyway!

It should be noted that once you have split ends, these should be trimmed – they cannot be repaired, so an at-home trim or cut with your stylist is recommended.


Whether you use a hair mask as a pre-treatment before shampooing and conditioning, or as an in-shower remedy, it is best applied to your hair for longer than a conditioner product, so that its enriching ingredients can penetrate strands more deeply.

Our Henna & Rose hair mask contains much-needed luxurious ingredients to pump and lock in moisture and to protect red hair strands from damage and breakage. It’s a thick, buttery fix of shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil amongst other goodies, which are all excellent for softening and hydrating right down to the shaft of the strands, leading to stronger, glossier, more manageable red hair.


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