To shampoo or double shampoo – that is the question

To shampoo or double shampoo – that is the question

Hair washing is different for everyone. Products work differently depending on your hair type, and when it comes to your haircare routine, it’s all about what works for you.

But is shampoo the answer to having red hair that gleams and shines? Does a double dose of shampoo equal double the beauty?



What we mean by double shampooing, is shampooing and rinsing your hair, and then going in and shampooing and rinsing for a second time. The idea is that the first shampoo and rinse lifts and washes away any dirt and leftover residue from styling products. With these out of the way, the second shampoo then comes in and thoroughly cleans your hair properly and its hair-happy ingredients can get to work on your locks.



The camp is largely split on this method. While the above sounds ideal, some people try to avoid using too much shampoo where possible. This is because for most shampoos, their ingredients can be drying, particularly for delicate and fragile red hair, which craves a lot of moisture.

This is largely down to sulfates and silicones. Sulfates are the foaming agents in most shampoos (and a lot of other beauty and cleaning products) which strip out all moisture from your hair, including your natural oils (which is what gives you that healthy-looking shine). Silicones are then usually added in to these products too, to try to pump in some artificial ‘moisture’.

So when you consider a double shampoo, be wary of what ingredients you’re using on your red hair. Heading for a sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoo is a much safer bet for your delicate ginger locks to experience a double shampoo wash without suffering from loss of moisture.

Whether you’re in camp ‘double shampoo’ or camp ‘just a bit for me’, one thing’s for sure – you can definitely feel the difference when you go in for that second shampoo. It’s so clean it almost squeaks, and you end up using less product the second time around, as the water helps it spread through much easier than the first dose.

And that’s another beautiful thing about sulfate-free shampoo – you actually need less product to get it spread around your head. It may feel like you need more product as the lathering up is slower, but actually you just need more water to get the shampoo spread around your head more. You just have to work a bit harder at it.

Follow with your favourite moisture-rich conditioner and your red hair will thank you for it.


Why red hair craves haircare free from sulfates (SLS) and silicones

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