The importance of sun protection for red hair

The importance of sun protection for red hair

As a redhead, you’re no doubt accustomed to being slathered in SPF for the majority of the summer (or at least we hope so), but does that sun protection also extend to your red hair?

It may be a nice feeling to allow the sun’s rays to lighten your ginger hair shade during summer, but in reality that UV is also doing a lot of damage to the condition and colour of your hair. Make way for drier, duller, coarser, more unmanageable hair. Extended sun exposure also negatively impacts your hair’s natural lipids too, otherwise known as that nice multi-tonal shine you get as the light bounces off the surface of your strands.

And not just damaging your delicate red hair strands, but your scalp is extremely susceptible to burning, which is an area that many people forget to protect. Add to that increased time spent in salt water and chlorine during the summer months, and it’s no wonder your red hair may look like a matted mass of straw by the end of the season.



Aside from hiding in the shade all summer, there are several ways to help protect your hair and scalp from sun damage. An obvious barrier form of protection are sun hats and hair accessories that cover your head from the sun, and also aid in helping you avoid heat exhaustion. Whether that’s a floppy sun hat, a bandana or baseball cap, there are plenty of stylish options to complement your summer look.

And short of smothering your scalp and hair in sunscreen (which works, by the way, although it ends up pretty messy), there are specific SPF protection hair products that give a certain level of sun protection. That being said, this method shouldn’t be treated equal to covering your hair and scalp up from the sun completely, which you should always do during the hotter hours at the very least, namely 11am to 3pm, when the sun is at its strongest.


So, think again about whether you’re willing to let your red hair become sun-bleached this summer. Sure, it’ll lighten your ginger shade, but your strands will be crying out for much-needed moisture and protection.


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